The Blogging universe is enormous with thousands of Content Writers writing to monetize their blogs. If you are new to the blogging and content writing then it’s very difficult for you to survive in this market. You will be crushed, you will be discarded. But, no worries fellas, am here to save you from your worries about your blog. Today, I give you the 7 important methods which can save you in the world of Content Marketing. These 7 Steps to make your Content more successful will help you, I give you my word on this.

7 Steps to Make Your Content More Successful

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1. Ideate

The first thing’s first. Before writing, think what are you writing about. You must have a vision what you want your viewers to expect from you. You cannot go around writing random stuff. This can cause a misdirection to your traffic. Stick to your industry of expertise. Always select the topics from the latest trends or what people are talking about. So, keep an eye on these key points given below.

  • Internal Trends, If working for a company and you are writing for them, it’s obvious that you are going to stick to certain industry trends. So, for this you need to check out all the Industry Trends out there in the market. Find out what’s the hot topic in your industry and then start writing.
  • External Trends, the Maximum time we are more of independent writers. Writing for ourselves, being bold and controversial. The key behind a successful personal Blog with rich content is the topic which you are writing upon. So, if you are writing off-industry or non-industry, check out the non-industry trends. Find out latest trends with tools available in the market like Google Trends. Choose the hottest topic and let your thoughts make a masterpiece.
  • Competitors, Another way to find some of the best topics to write upon is by looking what your competitors are writing. You can have a good idea (without making a fuss) what is out there in the market.
  • Search Engine Optimization, If you are good at content writing you should know SEO. I am  not forcing you to study all the SEO algorithms on how SEO works, but a small idea about the basic SEO terms like Focus Keywords, Meta Description, Titles etc. Before writing, target a keyword. A keyword, around which you write your whole article.

2. Outline your Content

make your content more Successful

When you have a topic of interest, make a rough outline of your content. Include all its parameters on how you’re gonna write it. The main problem of content writing is that we write what we think but to make your content successful, you need to write what your readers wants to read. Always write from readers perspective.

3. Title of Your Post

People are on the internet all the time and there are million of readers waiting for you. To catch their eyes, you need to make your title more Catchy. For example, include these in your title and result will be more positive.

  • How to..
  • Why you..
  • How much does..
  • The Worst..
  • Truth About..
  • Top 10

4. First Paragraph

70% of the readers bails out from your article just after the first paragraph. This is why the first paragraph of your article should be damn good. Write the first paragraph such that it binds the readers to read more and more. Your first paragraph must be

  • Controversial
  • A Story ( an Exciting one and not too long )
  • Something that catches the eye.

5. Make it Scanable

  1. It should be easy to read.
  2. Headings, SEO loves the use of various headings in your content.
  3. Include Bullet Lists
  4. Include Number Lists

6. Conclusion

Always give you final words on the article. It is like the sum-up of your article for those who didn’t read it whole. It is the best way to get connected to your readers. Some of the basic key points to note are –

  • Interaction, interact with the readers. Reply to their comments. Enable comments so that you can communicate with the readers.
  • Ask a question, the best conclusion of an article always contain a question to the readers. This is the best practice.
  • Point out the sources of your content ( if you have any ). Point out some reliable sources on which readers can easily rely on.

7. Edit, Edit it Again and Again

It is called maintenance. Keep you blog updated by editing the old articles, getting rid of past mistakes, removing bad parts of your article etc. Not just write and forget, keep your content alive.

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So, here are some of the ways you can get your content on top of the charts. If somehow, I missed some other things, please do comment below and I will add those things. For Latest Topics, visit SandwichBite

Written by Kamal Thakur