Friendship. I was a mediocre Student when I entered the College life. At first, I though it will be far worse than school. But I came to know that some of the Toppers from my School are also in the same college. At that moment, I thought that I can change everything, change the course of my life. College Life can Either Create a better you or it will destroy you. Many things can change you, it can be the Environment, your Seniors or it can be the Bad Friendship.

Is it Friendship that Makes Us Bad?

When we often start the college life, we are total fresh. We had studied hard to reach the college we dreamt of. As a result, we reach our destination or sometimes, we do not. But, in the end when we are in we have to accept the reality, and have to satisfy with the present.

When I started my college, our seniors and teachers like to take our Introductions. The question I always wait for is “What”s Your Aim in Life“. I love to hear everyone because every aim gave me courage to aim higher than everyone else. I am not being extra smart, I am telling my way of keeping my Aim and Energy high as possible. Till the first year everyone wanted to be a successful person. Software Engineers, Hackers, Web Developer and Web Designer they said, it will be easy they said !!

www.icodekamal.com/bad-friendship-can-ruin-your-life/Next phase is when you meet your classmates. It can be the deciding phase of your college life and your future. Guys it”s not just an article, am sharing my own life experience. I had many friends who wanted to change their life by working hard. But, the friendship is one thing that can either help you or make you helpless. Having a bad Friendship comes as free in your life, but having a good friendship requires your attention and connection to other people who have the same taste as you. If your friends tell you to do good things, they tell you to study and they tell you to not to enjoy anything, leave them !! They are not your friends at all !! They are Morons. True friendship is when your friends enjoy every bit of his life with you and do guide you to be a better person. The friendship that include enjoyment and never be serious is not a friendship.

Software Engineers to Completing Degree

People who laugh at you are your friends. But people who laugh at you when you do what you love, when you reach out for a better life and when you make efforts to achieving your goal in life are not your friendship, it”s a bad Friendship. Talking about people who wanted to do in their life, as they were reaching the end of their degree, their Aim became from “To be Software Engineers” to ” To complete this damn Degree”. Maximum time, our efforts to do what we are here to do are ended by our “Friends”. That type of friendship can only dig a hole for you and you are waiting for jumping into it.

Final Words

Don’t Judge Me

I am not saying that there is Bad friendship or Good Friendship, Good Friends or Bad Friends. All I am saying choose those who saw a better person in you and supporting you in every bit of your life. At last, if any of my friends are reading this and got offended by my words, I am truly “NOT” Sorry. It”s My blog, Remember? I can write whatever the Hell I want. If you have something different views about the Friendship, please feel free to comment below. If you like what I write, do share these with your friends. Till then, believe in yourself.

Written by Kamal Thakur