In the Blogging world, it doesn’t matter how well your content is, how well you have designed your website or blog. The thing that really does matter is the name of your blog. The URL which you put on the address bar is the domain name of your Personal Blog. It’s the most important thing. Let me give you an example. You visit a meeting where you find many experts in your favorite field. You interact with them and at last they ask for your blog or your website. You tell them the name of your blog and you all go home. Now, what are the chances whether that person remembered your Website? They might have or they might not. It all depends on the name of your website.

A Blog Name That Stand Out in Crowd

I started as a web developer. I have worked on many programming languages to create some websites. But the time I decided to go for a personal blog, I didn’t have any idea how much the blog name matters. I just bought some domain names without even asking any experts. I bought domains which were a total different meaning the blog niche.

The next thing you need to focus on is the type of the domain you are planning to buy. Like .in, .com, .org or .net websites. I once bought PixelGamer.in and TheSourceCode.in and I was targeting the traffic around the world. It is simply is very tough. Websites like .in or .us are the domains based on the location and the content of the website. If you want to target only certain people of some location or if the content of your website is in a language other than English, then only buy a .in domain or .us based domains. In this way, the Google or any other search engine will provide you traffic from that country.


So, the introduction part is over! Now am going to tell you how to select a good and impressive domain name for your personal blog. I will tell you 5 major points to work on!! If you really know what you are doing with your blog, these 5 things will help you in the best way possible.

  • Uniqueness
  • Easy to Spell
  • Easy to Remember
  • Short
  • Niche Related


This is the first major factor that will affect your blog’s popularity. Name of your blog should be bold and unique. It should stand out in the crowd. For example, if you are starting a personal blog on latest Technology blog and you are naming it as latesttechbydamon.com, then it will not stand anywhere near the popularity. You need to present yourself as a brand to the world. So naming it as this you can try dammyTech.com or TechDam.com. These are unique as they contain unique words that differentiate them from other blogs.

Easy to spell

We all understand English; don’t mistake this with adding long difficult words inside your blog name. Readers like easy words which are easy to spell. Reader and viewers don’t like to waste their time spelling difficult words. All they want is the quick connection to the website.

Easy to remember

The most successful websites or blogs around the worlds are those having easy names. Let me give you some examples, Facebook.com, Twitter.com, Google, Yahoo etc. These words are not only the Unique name but these are also the easiest to remember names. For your personal blog, think of something that combines your name and niche to a simply memorable name and then Bingo!! You have a blog that is ready to blast in the blogging community.


It’s the fun part of starting your website. If your blog has a long name, it will give you problem no matter what. Your name is Damon Salvatore and you are starting a fashion blog of www.fashiontrendsbydamonsalvatore.com. After this, your professional email will be damonsalvatore@fashiontrendsbydamonsalvatore.com. It really looks ugly. To avoid this, just think of a short name. Name, that can be remembered by its shortness; not by the person’s name.

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Niche Related

Naming your personal blog exact same as the niche of your website or blog, is simply not possible as they are already been registered. For a personal blog, mix your name with the niche and come up with ideas. Brainstorming is the best possible way to get ideas like this. The main thing to remember is that your blog name should be covering your niche in any way possible. For example, Blogwithjaggi.com where Jaggi is person’s nickname and it’s a blog niche. You shouldn’t misdirect the people by using a different niche name as the content on your website. If somehow Google find this, it will DE-index your website and you can get banned for the future from Google.

Final Words

So guys, all am asking for you all is that before starting a blog or a website, spend some time on selecting the name. One thing I can add is that you should not only create a good blog name but try to make it your own brand. If it’s all about personal blogging, present yourself as a brand. Brand that only you can use to earn respect and hence some bucks!! So I can teach you this about blogging, but the secret recipe for success is that you should believe in your blog. Believe in yourself!!

Written by Kamal Thakur