Dream Job.

It just feels like it was yesterday when I got Admission. Its about to be over and I still know nothing of Computer Science” my friend said;

“Bhai, what will you do after Degree ? Dream Job chahiye ya ghr baithna hai ?” I asked curiously.

(“Bro, what will you do after Degree ? You want your Dream Job or wanna stay home ?“)

don”t worry , Job mil jaaegi” he again told me.

(“don”t worry , We”ll Get a Job” )

How ?” I asked again.

And he has No answer to my question.

Dream Job really Is Day Dream Job

Let me tell you a well-known theory of colleges. In the first year, we are very calm, proper and disciplined. We study well, and we almost clear all the subjects. The second year somehow different. Now, we are relaxed because everything seems simple. All we care about is our subjects and how to clear them. In the third year, we start to realize that none of the subjects we studied use in real life. As the Final year comes, placement is our only tension. Why not? It will not decide your future, but it is your first step in the real world. Everyone wants to have a good start.

dream job

What about Our Degree ?

In all our degree, all want to get good grades in all the subjects. In this hurry, we forget to develop our skill set. I started this post with a conversation. That is just not created, but 60% of the students in the final year have no idea what they want to do after their graduation. 40% of who knows, 25% will take their family business and only 15% have made some plans, out of which only 5% got successful. Only a small ratio of students will utilize their Engineering Degree. Why is it like this? The answer to this question is little depressing.

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We all are big time procrastinators. We always delay our work. But as an Engineers we have developed some high level of Procrastination. We procrastinate the tension about our Dream. 90% of the times when you think about your dream, you satisfy yourself that you will somehow figure out something. You tell yourself that there is enough time to think about it. But in real, we don’t have much time. We don’t have a particular type of time to figure out the “method” to get Dream Job. We are so good at satisfying ourselves that we don’t even distinguish between false satisfaction and real. The time we wake up, it’s too late. That time will not help us. Not our degree, not our subjects and not even our college. You will be left with only one thing,  regret. Next thing everyone is sitting home. Believe me, sitting back without any job will be the worst most and depressing feeling of your life.

Final Words

All I am telling you is that don’t be a fool. Start thinking today, now and this moment. The more seriously you take your future, more success you will get. Concentrate on your subjects and your skill set equally. Your Degree can help you sit in an Interview, but only your Skill Set will help you get that Dream Job. The World is cruel, don’t be a Sheep and follow, be a wolf and rule as an Alpha.

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Written by Kamal Thakur