Engineering Aftermath? Let me tell you all things you’ll experience after your Engineering. I loved my college life. I loved all those bunking the classes, spending all day in the canteen, go into random classes and give a seminar there and most of all those fights with friends. God, I miss those moments.

Engineering Aftermath

But once you leave the college, your real life starts. For example, we all promise to be in contact with everyone, we promise to work together after graduation and even promise to look for a job together. Believe me; everyone does this. But things don’t go as planned. We become so busy with our lives that we barely get time for friends. So, today let me tell you some well-known theory of Engineering Aftermath.

Engineering Aftermath

At college time, we worked in groups. We always wanted to work and earn with the team. The moment we are sitting at home after the college, the emptiness of not having anyone around makes you nervous. Sometimes, we become too worried that we get cold feet. We get stuck at our home confused about everything. The person we used to be in college, the furious, the one with the gut was just an afraid little person who thinks twice before taking any decision. When you overcome this situation, you’ll start shaping your future. We begin thinking about ourselves rather than friends. That is the first moment when our friends start judging us. They believe that we forget all.

What we are forgetting is, the fundamental human nature. We are meant to compete with others. We want to achieve all in our lives. Who doesn’t? No one will help you get what you always dreamt of your entire life. We are friends until we are in college. After it, we have to think about our future. No one is to blame here. This thing goes vice versa. So, guys, I am writing after a while, in the middle of the night. If you like it, do share.

Written by Kamal Thakur