Get Facebook Likes from Autolikers Safely

Facebook is not a new thing to anyone. I have seen a 9-year-old kid using Facebook nowadays. When I was 9 I was busy watching cartoons. People ( including me ) are obsessed with Facebook. But the sad thing is when I see people getting spammed with Autolikers. Sometimes, the spam is so bad that it auto posts every group and pages from their profile. Today, am going to tell you a method to get Facebook likes from autolikers Safely. Yes, SAFELY.

What Is Autolikers

It’s just a small method so please keep up and follow each and every instruction. So, let us first dive into the working of autolikers. The autolikers is a simple application which takes over your social profile and like and follow other people on behalf of yours profile and likes your events on their behalf.  It’s all the application working. We think that people are following and liking us but in back, you’re following them too.

Get Facebook Likes from Autolikers Safely

Let’s get Facebook likes from autolikers safely but there are some things which you do before and these things are as follow:

  1. A Fake Facebook Profile. Why fake? You don’t want to get spammed, right? A fake profile will help your social profile from getting spammed. By this, you won’t be following or liking anyone’s Image, Status or comments.
  2. Chrome Web Browser. It is important that you must have Chrome browser.
  3. AdBlock Plus Extension. Install Adblock Plus Extension in your browser to block all the pop ups and irrelevant advertisements.
  4. Make sure to enable the Followers option in the Fake Facebook profile.
  5. A good internet Connection. Click here if you want an airtel connection in chandigarh.

Now you’re good to go. Open your Chrome Browser and login into your facebook account.

  1. Open this website. and click on “Click here”. facebook-likes-from-autolikers-safely
  2. Now wait for 5 seconds and then click on “Skip Ad” from the Top right side of the browser window.
    Get Facebook Likes from Autolikers Safely
  3. Now allow this App by clicking on Ok. Make sure your fake profile is logged in, not the personal one. facebook-likes-from-autolikers-safely
  4. Now after allowing the Application, a success message will appear. Now close the window. Now on the home page of the website, click on the other “Click here”. facebook-likes-from-autolikers-safely
  5. By clicking this, a New Tab will appear. Same, wait for 5 seconds and then click on “SKIP AD”. After you skip a token will automatically generate in the URL section. Copy the Token as shown in the image below: facebook-likes-from-autolikers-safely
    Start Copying from after the “=” till the end of the URL and paste this Token in the Home Page of the website and click “Login” like shown in the Image below: facebook-likes-from-autolikers-safely

  • It will take you to the confirmation and then click on the Button underlined. facebook-likes-from-autolikers-safely
  • Now, go to the Picture, Status or comment you want to like using this autolikers. Right click on the time shown below the Pic, status or comment and click on “Copy Link Address”. facebook-likes-from-autolikers-safely
  • Now go to the website and paste it into the dialog box as shown in this picture. Now we get Facebook likes from autolikers safely by clicking on “Start to Like” Button. facebook-likes-from-autolikers-safely
  • Now it will start liking. It will show a picture like given below. Within 20 seconds this will provide you about 30-40 likes. Once finished click on “Return to Main Page” and paste the Pic URL again and it will again start liking. facebook-likes-from-autolikers-safely

Be Careful

Now this is how we get Facebook likes from autolikers safely. There is no such limit to this, and you can get as many as likes you want. It all depends on you. This article is just for Educational purpose. Please be careful while using this method and I am not responsible if you Facebook account get affected. It will not, as it may ban your fake Facebook ID after a month, but it’s easy to create another one. Please note that it may be possible that many new windows open, just close them and concentrate on the main window.

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If you have any problem with this method, please do comment as I will try to reply as soon as possible. Till then, Enjoy.


Written by Kamal Thakur