Since Schools, we’ve been reading many Biographies of many great People. Great people, who are made to be great by the History of man. If you’ve read them carefully, you’ve may have come across a term, Free Thinker. By the judging nature of humans, we have made our beliefs about freethinkers. Some of us think that they are the atheist, people against religion and Non-Believers. But, these are some of the Myths about free thinkers. The term Free Thinkers is vast than this. So, now am going to put some light on this.

Free Thinkers Are Great Minds

free thinkers

Who are Free Thinkers?

Free-Think-er is a person who’s opinion on the Religion is only by the reason, Facts, and Authority of the Independently of tradition. In simple language, Free thinkers include people who are

  • Agnostic, individuals who have no definite belief whether God exists or not.
  • Atheists, people who deny the Existence of God; and
  • Rationalists, who believe in Logic and fact rather than on any super power.

If you think by challenging religions, criticizing someone’s beliefs and demanding conformity to the Holy Books makes you a free thinker, my dear friend, you’re not even close.

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The Free Thinkers were the past of humans and will be the future of Humans too. What history make of free thinkers is a little bit different than reality. They live in reality rather than the past. The reality is limited to what which we can directly recognize from our senses or indirectly by the reasons and facts.

Power Of Free Thinkers

There is no such thing as Super Powers. The only super power human can have his Mind. History has taught us those great people had great spirits. For a Free Thinker, using only his mind is not enough. Using his mind independently is the primary power. Reasoning, a tool which explains all faces of truth. The reasoning is Science today.

When a Free Thinkers use this tool, it’s called efficiently. To be a statement to be true, it must be –

  1. Testable, do the repeating tests confirms it?
  2. Falsifiable, can the statement be disapproved? Or all the attempts to disapprove failed?
  3. Parsimonious, is this the simplest explanation to the statement?
  4. Logical, is it free of Contradictions?

Free Thinkers loves to be true. Indeed, they are. You cannot be a free Thinker until you have boundaries.

Free Thinkers Vs Religion

Free Thinkers don’t criticize any religion, and they are not against the religion either. Most of the Free Thinkers consider religion to be untrue and harmful. Why not? If you go through the history of Men, religion has been used to justify war, slavery, sexism, racism, homophobia, mutilations, intolerance, and oppression of minorities. For them, religion is just a resistance to study the world.

Free Thinkers are convinced, so convinced that the religion doesn’t stand firm against the tests of reasoning. They know, nothing has ever been gained in past and nothing we will achieve in future, but we have everything to lose if it comes with the sacrifice of the vital tool of reasoning. That is why the Free Thinkers believe all religions to be untrue.

Why Being Free Thinkers is Key to Happiness?

Free Thoughts are reasonable. When these thoughts come from your mind, they test your ability to reason and make something that has never been thought of before. It makes you free from any orthodoxy restraints or from whether your idea will be approved or disapproved. It is free from everything.

The Free Thinkers like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Charles Darwin, Margaret Sanger, Albert Einstein, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Marie Curie, H. L. Mencken, Sigmund Freud, Bertrand Russell, Luther Burbank and many others made us what we are now! People who think free are the creators of tomorrow.

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Written by Kamal Thakur