Being a Programmer, I always wanted a Girlfriend. Well, Who doesn’t? But Programmers don’t get lucky this much. If somehow they do, the mutual understanding is, somehow not that good. Programmer dream of a girlfriend who would understand what he do, why he do and how he do. In India finding girls who code is like finding a Unicorn. Lol, it is true. So lets talk about why I think that girls who code are far better partner than other girls, who don’t !!

Girls Who Code Are Better than Others

Many believes that Coders or Programmers lives a boring life alone, that they are boring and don”t have any girlfriend. People see Programmers as Nerds. But let me correct you here, Programmers are Geeks, not Nerds. There is a lot of difference. So, let us talk about girls who code. Girls ignore programming now days, as it is believed that Programming is tough and is only for boys. But, my friends, this is the only thing that separate Girls and Special Girls ( Girls Who Code ).

www.icodekamal.com/girls-who-code/So let me tell you why Girls Who Code are better Girlfriends than other girls. Programming teaches you many things. It teaches us how to build things from scratch, it teaches us how to solve a given problem, it teaches us how to manage our resources, etc. As a human being, we always wanted our Partners, like us. If you are a Programmer and a boy, you always want a girlfriend who knows how to code. It is not because its a myth that girls do programming but because girls who code are better programmer . Imagine you and your Girlfriend sitting together and solving a Programming Problem. It is for sure that Girls Who Code are better life Partner than others because the moment they chose the coding over everything, they’ve broken the myth that Programming is only for Boys. We know that Programming is about Multitasking and its proven that Girls are better Multitasking than Boys.

Final Words

So guys, if there is a girl who knows how to code and if you like her, ask her out. She’s the one. No more fight, as the understanding will be powerful in the Programmers. So guys, these are my personal views as I also want a Girlfriend. A Girlfriend who knows how to code and love coding. Better search yourself. If you are a Programmer and you have a girlfriend who doesn’t know coding and if you are happy, please share some tips for us. Till then, Believe in yourself. That is what matters.

Written by Kamal Thakur