What is The Next Big Thing

How Plan for The Next Big Thing ? What will be the next big thing? First it started from Apple, Microsoft, Google and then Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now Whatsapp, are the Next Big Thing. We called these “The Next Big Thing” at their earlier stage not because everyone was using these, but you saw potential in these. Potential, that it could touch millions heart and curiosity. We are here now and we know they did. Now the question is, what is the next big thing ? Do you have something in your mind? I bet you do. How to plan for this? Let me tell you how you should plan for your Next Big Thing.


If you have the Idea for the Next Big Thing that can change the World, it is nothing without Planning. Planning is the part where your idea comes from deep walls of your mind to people who you rely on, people who you trust. It is the crucial part because when you tell the idea to your friends, if you were able to make them understand the whole idea, they will tell you whether it is feasible or not.

The idea of feasibility is not important, what important is whether you have USP ( Unique Selling Proposition ). If people you tell this are reliable, they will be honest with you. If not, there is only on thing to do, don’t !! Don’t tell anyone who you think is not worthy. If you really need their Advise on this, never explain you whole next big thing to them. The time you decide to go for it is the time when you need the team. A team to create the whole project in their mind.



As this Website is about the Programmers, this article not only applies to only them but it goes same for every person and every field of marketing. The next big thing is how you select your team. The future of your Next Big Thing depends upon this, only if you are serious about it. Many people will tell you while picking up a team, go to Pro’s. Pro’s are good, but you are planning something that came from your mind, it will not be wise to include the Pro’s now.

For me, I have a different approach on this. I want you to select 3 types of reliable people. First a person who is Non-Technical, who has a little knowledge about the field but innovative. Secondly, a Lazy Person. I will tell you how the Lazy person gonna help you build a good Project. Last, but not the least, a Technical Person. These 3 can do the job of 30 People. The benefit is the trust you put on them for your Next Big Thing.

This Article is not about how professional do the job. Its more like ” I am a college student, How I can build up my own Next Big Thing “. So this section is about the design, which is the last and the main part as after it will Go Pro!

Arrange a meeting with your team. Before starting, you have to talk to each member of your team separately. Tell the Non-Technical person to tell what he wants in the Project. Tell the Technical Person to shut up all the time, and just listen. Finally, the Lazy one. Don”t tell him anything special, just tell him to listen. Start Explaining your project, when done, take a feedback on what more we can do on this. The Non-Technical Person will talk. He will add many things in your Project and these can be pretty impressive. Don’t interrupt him and don’t remind him his boundaries. Let everyone listen to him.

Whats really happening here

The Non-Technical person is speaking as he don’t worry about the boundaries. He will add many extraordinary things in your Project. The reason I told the Technical person to shut up because he knows what is possible and what is not, but the Non-Technical don’t. He will keep on adding that is even not possible and that is what we need. If you want your Idea to be the “Next Big Idea” you need to do which is out from the Boundaries of Technical People. The job of Lazy person is to behave normal and make the project more easy to use as he will eventually find an easy way. The only job of the Technical person is to note down each and everything that is going on in the discussion.

Final Words

Believe me after this you will be happy. It can or it can’t. There are only two outcomes of this. Both the times, what you will gain is knowledge about that idea in many different perspective, perspective that can help you a long way in your life.

I hope you like this, it is my own view and these can be wrong. But I believe in them as I believe in myself. So believe in your Next Big Thing !

Written by Kamal Thakur