As I’ve already made an article on How to Create Blog on WordPress in simple steps. Today, we will be covering on How to Create blog on Blogger. If you know why you want to create blogger, you must be looking for a blog, if not do read my article Why to Blog. If you know how to create blog on WordPress, Creating Blog on Blogger is same and even easier. So lets Start how to create Blog on Blogger.

How to Create Blog

As Blogger.com Provides free Blogging, but if you need a custom domain you have to buy it. So to create Blog on Blogger, Follow these simple steps –

  1. Go to Blogger and Click on New Blog. You can have many Blogs on your single Gmail Account.
  2. Now Enter the Title and Address of your Blog. After this, move onto the next step by clicking on Create Blog!
  3. Now your Blog is created and you can see your Blog on the Blog List. So, what are you waiting for, start blogging by clicking on your Blog.
  4. Now, How to create Blog on Blogger? Just simply click on the “New Post” from the Left side menu.
  5. It is WordPress all over again. Same, create a Title of the post and Start Blogging in the body. After it, click on Publish to Publish the Blog.


Once the post is published, click on View Blog from top to see your blog for the first time. It’s all done in ” How to Create Blog on Blogger.com”. Wasn’t this so easy ? 5 simple steps and you are are done with your new blog. Easy like butter !!

Final Words

Blogging is just not creating a simple blog in 5 minutes and to be done with it. To make it more successful, it should have a great theme with great design possibilities. I didn’t cover that part as I want you to do it yourself. Yes, yourself !! I want you to explore each and everything in here and try each and everything yourself. Don’t rely on anyone, keep doing random stuff with this. This way you will learn more, way more !! So, if you really want all the designing part with theme editing, Just comment below. I will create an article just for you. Till then, believe in yourself. You’re Special.

Written by Kamal Thakur