To create a Blog on WordPress, you don’t need any of the Programming. You don’t have to be a Geek or Tech Expert to be a Blogger on WordPress. As on my previous article, I’ve told you about which platform to select. It is up to you whether you select WordPress or any other. You should be happy with it as I was happy with WordPress. So, let us move forward to create a blog on WordPress.

Create Blog on WordPress

Follow these simple steps for creating blog on WordPress.

  1. Goto WordPress and click on create Website.
  2. Enter your Blog name and after putting name of your blog, click on “Create your Site and Continue”.
    Your Blog name is appearing as “yourblogname.wordpress.com”. It is because for creating a free blog with WordPress, you have to use your Blog as a Sub-Domain of the WordPress. You can buy “yourblogname.com” from any domain provider.
  3. Now at this step enter the Email Address of yours, Username and set a new password. After filling each and everything in this part, move onto the next part of how to create blog on WordPress by clicking on the “next step”.
  4. Now from here you can buy domain name. If you don’t want any domain name, click on no thanks.
  5. Choose a theme from here and move onto the next step where click on “Select Free”Option.
  6. Everything is setup in the WordPress. You now know how to create blog on WordPress. Start Posting by clicking on “Start Posting”.
  7. Now, fill the Title name and body. Now you are writing your Blog. Once you’ve done writing, click on Publish. After publishing, you can visit your blog or post by clicking on the view post.

Final Words

[blockquote]In these easy simple steps, you can create a blog on WordPress. It is easy, but I suggest you to buy a good hosting a build a proper blog using it. If you are serious about your Blog, at least try something better.[/blockquote]

Written by Kamal Thakur