As in my previous article, I’ve given you a reason Why to Start Personal Blog Today. Today I will Guide you on How to Start Blogging. I will show you how to easily start your Blogging Life with simple easy steps. These steps are easily explained for the Blogging Beginners.

How to Start Blogging NOW

Blog Name

The First Thing on How to Start Blogging is to choose a name, a name that will represent your blog name. Name that will go on the URL of your blog. It is the most important thing in the blogging because if the blog name isn’t catchy, no one will remember it. There are many things to keep in mind while selecting the perfect name for your blog.

  • The Name should be catchy. It should catch the eye of the viewers. It should not be simple, as your name.
  • Mix up your name with the niche of your blog and see the results.
  • You should not copy names from other brands or blogs.
  • Names should not be too long. Don”t use numbers in your blog name.

Select the Brand name in a way that it should be a perfect and you can use it as a branding. For example, my friend wanted to start a review website, so I suggested him to go with a name of “shellyscore.com” where he can build a brand as “Shelly Score” as his name is Shelly. So, you getting what am saying ? I hope you do.

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Blogging Platforms

As many of you will think of Blogging is to do with your Writing skills. It is true, but you cannot ignore the Blog Platform. On the web, there are Hundreds of Blogging Platforms. Some of them are very Beautiful, some are Easy to use and some are both. Then, how to start blogging with the best blogging platform? This is a question of debate!! Go have one with your friends. But, here I will guide you with the two most Popular and Best Blogging Platform. Both of them are best and also free of cost.

  1. WordPress
  2. Blogger


WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP. But in non-geek speak, it”s probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in existence today. WordPress is easy to use, better Themes, User-friendly and mostly free. To create a blog on WordPress is a work of two minutes. I would Personally prefer you to start your Personal Blog in WordPress rather than any other Blogging Platforms. So, How to start Blogging in WordPress? I will be giving you the complete tutorial in just a moment.



When you make a blog, it”s discharged into the virtual world for anybody to peruse. Be that as it may, a few individuals like to hush up about their contemplations. On the off chance that you are anticipating utilizing your site as a private diary or journal, or if you need to impart it to a little gathering of companions, associates or schoolmates, Blogger.com permits the imperative level of customization. How to start Blogging? Let us start with the “How to start blogging“.

How So Start Blogging in WordPress

As you know, we can go for a fully functional blog which will cost us some money or We can also build a free blog from WordPress. Free Blog in WordPress will be equally awesome, but you would have a limited amount of themes and control over your blog. If further you want to expand your blog with a custom theme, you will need a good hosting. If you want to create a free WordPress Blog, See my whole article on it. If you want to Know how to Create a full website with a domain name and a hosting, click here.

How So Start Blogging in Blogger.com

Blogger is one of the best Blogging platforms from free and paid version of blogging. To know how to start with the Blogger.com for a free blog, read my article, How to start Blogging with Blogger.com.

Final Words

So, your decision of how to start blogging will help you in your future. Don’t stop here, read the whole tutorials on these tutorials. If you still have any question on this, please do comment, I will be happy to answer.


Written by Kamal Thakur