Important Topics C Programming Language. Programming is the best thing ever happened to me, to be honest. I love Programming. If you are reading this, you love programming too. Like old aged people, I started Programming with C Language. Some you might find C Programming Language a bit complicated and terrible, but I love C.

If you think you are good with C; think again! Let me ask you this question differently, Do you want to go for advanced language than C? If YES, then this article is all you need. Now I am going to tell you the most important topics from the C Programming Language that you might want to reconsider. These few important items may save you a painful headache in advance languages than C.

Important Topics C Programming Language

important topics C

You might have started C Programming Language from Constant, Variables, Operators, Statements, etc. But my dear friends, these are some of the easy things. Anyone with a half mind can learn this overnight. The real deal is something else. You know, why am stressing on some topics of C Programming Language? That is because if C is your starting language, then it’s the core building block of your programming career. If you get it right, then you’ll enjoy your programming life like a boss. If not, you’ll know.

Okay, first things first, I will not explain each and every part, you’ll find it on google better. I will only show you a way, follow or not; it must be your decision.

  1. Local Variables and Global Variables.

    You know what a Variable is. But the thing is the scope of a variable. There are mainly two scopes of variables, Local and Global. Let me tell you why these are important. In big Programs you’re going to use many variables and every variable will differ its scope from other variables in the program. So practice this as much as you can. Know the real scopes or boundaries of variables.

  2. Function Calling

    Okay, this one is crucial, well I think it is. When you call a function, you have two choices to pass the data or arguments. Either from call by value or call by reference. Calling the functions is something you’re going to see throughout your programming life. Call by Value is easy but Call by Reference is real fun. Make sure you do at least 10 Programs of Call by Reference, to move forward.

  3. For Loop.

    So, For loop huh..? It’s basic, isn’t it? NO! Many of new Programmers take the For Loop lightly. That is just because we learned that for loop is something of less use. At my time in college, I only did some simple stuff using for loops. But I dug deeper and I did some crazy stuff using For Loops.
    Don’t simply see the For Loop as its syntax. Calculate the basic of loops, like how many loop is running, how it’s terminating, etc. Don’t do it your mind, use a notebook. Calculate every time a loop runs. Do this on notebook first for simple programs and then on little-complicated ones. For loop is Love, For Loop is life.

  4. Pointers.

    I hated Pointers; that is why I almost skipped pointers when I started. That was a big time mistake because when I moved to C++, the pointer related topics scared the shit out of me. I had to reopen my C Language book for Pointers. If you hate Pointers too, then let me give you good news. Pointers are not in Java language.
    Then why I am stressing the Pointers? The best thing what a pointer do is, it gives you an idea of how variables work. How a variable stored in the memory. You get a sense how memory addressing takes place on our computer. Pointers will also help you in many Data Structure Algorithms. So, pointers are valuable.

  5. Command Line Parameters.

    You might have thought of why we have empty parenthesis in our main function? These parentheses may contain individual arguments that allow parameters to pass to main from the operating system. Most versions of C permit two such arguments, which are traditionally called argc and argv, respectively. Find out what is Command Line Parameter, it’s essential.

So, I did my part. The Important Topics C Language is done. You should do yours. Start Programming now. If you have any question or any query, please do comment below. I am happy to answer you in anything related to programming. The Important Topics C, please do share it.

Written by Kamal Thakur