We’ve all been through the College life. Maximum of us have some memories very close to our heart. From the whole journey, we learn from Every Individual. So, here’s a sweet article on what we learn and how.

From First Year to Final, We Learn from Everyone

In our College life, we learn from everyone. The College can Either create us or destroy. It’s up to us whether to learn from Everyone around us or not.

When I was in School I use to think a lot about College. How really cool college can be? I watch Movies about the “cool” college life, bunking classes, girlfriends etc. Matter of fact, we all have dreamt in the same way. When I visited my college it wasn’t like how they show in the movies, not even 1%. I am in 4th year and am still single. Our seniors aren’t scary and rude as they’ve shown in the Movies. Maximum of our Seniors was good. So, I should not brag about my college things. The main thing is, what we learn from them. So, let me tell you a thing. There are 3 types seniors you will meet in college. The first one are those who comes clean after each semester, I call them “The Worms“. They do their degree in Honors. They help Juniors with the notes, tips and tricks. The second type is the one who are little out of tracks. Have knowledge about subjects but only the amount they need in future. No more no less.


These are little random people. I call them “The Dreamers“. These people sometimes, will tell you to have fun, and sometimes the basic things about how to survive out in the world, just not by helping with your exams but other activities too. At last there is the third kind in this. The One who don”t give a damn about the Degree. They will always tell you to relax. According to them, Everything is well planned. These are “Mocking Birds”. Evey year, the “Lot” gets divided into these three groups. Every group hates the other. If you don”t like this post up to this, you should leave now because things will get ugly fast.

When we step in college, it is totally different Environment for all. Fresher won’t look at college to know how it is, they look at the Seniors from whom we learn. They envy, adopt and follow their seniors. But, maximum time in college the relation between seniors and juniors becomes casual. Juniors hangs out with the seniors, they eat together and they even live together. This causes mutual disrespect(casually)  for all the other seniors. It creates a casual behavior of Juniors towards Seniors.


In my case, when I was in First year,  many times some of the seniors went to each and every class. What they say is to greet them with “Sir” and wish them “Good Morning / Good Evening“. They Demand this in such a way that it just look like a Request. But, it’s actually called “Begging“. You can’t Beg for Respect! What you getting from this is not Respect. You have to earn it. The best people and best seniors you will meet in your college are those who don’t do things like these. If you got treated badly when you were a junior, you will carry on the same legacy, doing the same to your Juniors.

Final Words

I just want to say, do something that they should respect you. Help everyone. Help juniors by telling them the mistakes you’ve done at the time when you were at their place. If you are Junior, Respect those who are worthy. By writing this, I didn’t mean to disrespect anyone. Hope you will like it.

Written by Kamal Thakur