“OK, my Degree is completed. Now, what ? What should I do now ?”

As your Exams are over, I mean your FINAL Exams are over; OK, What I really mean is, as Your Graduation is over, you’ll have the same question going on and on in your mind. If you just completed your Degree you know the Feeling, but if you haven’t, it is better to start planning now or it’ll be too late. Get ready for the Life After Graduation.

After Graduation – Graduation Aftermath

Now, you know everything about your profession. You will know all the possible things you can with your degree. Like if am a Computer Engineering, I know that I can go for further studies, Go for Software Development, Freelancing etc. I mean you know all the different streams of your trade. Now, if you haven’t completed your degree, you couldn’t imagine how tough is it to figure out what to do. You have many directions, but you aren’t able to make your mind on single one.


So first let me tell you why we aren’t able to select any one option easily. First and the major reason, Family. In India, Families “knows better” than us about what to do after Graduation. Maximum times we end up doing what our parents wants us to do. Secondly, we want to do what our friends are doing. We always get hunted by the Friendship Dilemma. Often, we ruin our decision taking power just because of this because we think, friends are always right. We always Envy other people. We live our life copying other. We waste our lives by living others life as ours. We are so busy living like others that we have forgotten how be ourselves.

Now enough with this serious talk, I’ll tell you how to move forward with this deadlock.


First, you have to find what you can do and what you want to do. It’s simple, take suggestions from everyone. Even from your little brother who has no idea what is going on. Then, ask yourself. Ask, what will make you happy? Why happy? When we do what we are happy to all day, the work becomes life and life become easy. Now, compare these lists. The comparison will eventually give you a single thing which is common in both the lists. Mathematically speaking, the Union of these two lists will tell you what should you do. The “Thing” is the Direction you should go to. If somehow there is no Intersection or common thing, it’s just because you are too confused with yourself. So find what to do after Graduation.


Now, you know what is good for you, good after graduation. Check whether it is possible for you or not. Sometimes, we choose things that are good for us but not feasible for us. If we go for things like these, we’ll end up destroying everything. If you don’t know what feasibility is, in simple words, if we are aiming for something the feasibility is whether it is achievable or not. Many times we say everything is possible. Indeed, it is, but there is a very thin line between bravery and stupidity. Get it?


Now, the Plan. It’s not like James Bond style of plan where you have to kill someone to complete it. It is the Simple kind of Plan. If you want to go for a thing and you are confident about it, make a plan. This plan Includes all the perspectives, all the strategies, the Future scopes etc. If you want to achieve something, only talking won’t help. You have to make a plan that how you will achieve your desired goal. A Goal Without Plan is just a Wish. Wishes only come true in Fairy Tales unless you work hard for it.

Final Words

You will be thinking that why this is so important what we choose. Believe me when am telling you, this will decide your future. In the end, it is up to you. Many people ruin their future just because they didn’t act the way they should have after graduation. Choose wise and live well.


Written by Kamal Thakur