We all want to earn quick money. It doesn’t matter how we make it. There are hundreds of methods to make quick money. But making money from URL Shortening is the quickest and the easiest way. So, today am going to teach you about, How to earn money from URL Shortening.

Making Money From URL Shortening

People often confuse the URL shortening as spam. But this is entirely inappropriate to say that URL shortening is a Spam, but, some people are using this technique to spam the hell out in every place. That’s not okay. So today I am telling you about making money from URL shortening, don’t spam.

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What is URL Shortening

URL shorting is a technique of shortening of URL’s. By shorting I mean the length of the URL get reduced and replaced by some other type of URL. The structure of URL can be different depending upon the website which is providing URL Shortening service.

How Making Money from URL Shortening Works

When people visit a shortened URL, they will be redirected a 5 seconds advertisement and after it, a SKIP AD option appears. By clicking on SKIP AD will redirect you to the main page of the URL you’ve shortened. It’s just for 5 seconds and people don’t mind waiting 5 seconds if the material you are providing is useful. The website will pay you $ per 1000 visits. 1000 visits can look so much, but if we use the social networks to spread this URL, we can make 1000 visits in just a few hours.

Method –

1) First visit and register on Adf.ly.

2) Shorten URL.

Making Money from URL Shortening3) Copy the Shorten URL and spread it. Don’t Spam.


It is a good way to earn money. We can make money without many efforts. So if you like this post, do share it.

Written by Kamal Thakur