Being a Computer Engineer, I face many social Problems. People ask me questions like, “Oh, you’re computer Engineer? Can you please fix my computer? Can you please fix my Laptop it’s too slow? Please check my Computer, it has many Viruses.” That”s not it, People ask me questions like, “can you please hack my friends Facebook ID ?” Are you serious? Yes, I am a computer Engineer and NO, that doesn’t mean I have to fix your computer. It’s more intense when these things are asked by your friends and Relatives. You can hardly say no!

Never Do It For Free

So, today I am going to teach you that if you are really good at something, never do it for free. If you’ve seen “Dark Knight” Movie, this is the same Dialog by “The Joker“. Damn, I loved that movie. This quote has been accepted by many people and even criticized too. The point is, deep down we all accept this quote unless you’re a fool.


A Short Story

Let me Give you my own Example, a true one though. My class was preparing their Major Projects. Every one of them were little worried about their final Projects. I was busy in some other work and I really didn’t want to waste my time creating a project by my own. So, exactly what I did is, I bought 4 domains and selected 11 People from my class. Not the lazy one but the sharp minded. I taught them how to create a website and a little SEO. After it I gave each website to 3 People. By the end, after 1 month I had 4 Website up and running. By this, I didn’t have to do anything. After their Project was over, each person of those 11 stopped working on my websites. Some of them started their own.


So let me correlate this. If I would have taught them everything for free, they would’ve stopped by the time they learned each and everything. Leaving me in the middle with my websites. But, I chose to apply this rule. I told them I will teach you only if you create these websites with me. In this way, it’s win-win for everyone. I have my website completed and they all have enough knowledge to create their own.

If you get this example you have understood what am talking here. If not, let me tell you the reason behind this.

The Two Pillars

How to Plan for Next Big Idea of Yours. If you’re good at something, you would be earning from it or thinking the same. In many cases, the same thing can be the only way you can earn money in your life. When you do it for free, no matter why, the other person can use it for earning. Leaving you behind, helpless. If you think it is not true, my dear friend you know nothing. In the other case, if you do it for free, people will not pay attention and don’t give you a single credit. They think it”s easy what you do. Eventually, you lose respect. This is what I fear the most.

College Life

I am still in college and when my friends ask me to give them my projects or teach them, for free. I say NO every time. That is one of the reasons I am much hated in my college. But, I really don’t care. I spent buck loads of money and countless hours of hard work on these skills and all you want these for nothing? It’s same comparing me worth nothing. If you want to be successful, never go for shortcut. The long way might teach you thousands more things on the way. So, Always keep this in mind, If you are good at something, never do it for free.

Final Thoughts

So am closing it now. If any of my friends got hurt by reading this, I am NOT sorry. It”s the way the life is. The sooner you understand, the longer you go. Thanks for reading this boring post. If you really like it, share it. It gives me the courage to write more. Till then, believe in yourself.

Written by Kamal Thakur