Most of the time I’ve spent my college time thinking, “When am I going to get out of this place?” It’s not because I don’t like the people of my college, it is because I had been fed up of repeating a same routine. Who doesn’t? But when we leave college, this story is a little bit different. So, today am gonna share my mind upon this. Hope you’ll understand.

We Hate When We Leave College


We love, We Hate

Why does all say the college life is full of surprises? Why we always hate leaving college? The college is a place where you’ll get to know people of every kind. The diversities of people make this a special place. So, let’s go a little deeper. In the first week or first month of our college life we don’t like half of our batch mates, but you know you have to spend your 4 years with them in the same classroom studying same subjects. So, we all act nicely to all even deep down inside we have a little or no respect for them. Within some time, we begin to understand each and every person around us. Why they act like they are, what they like and what they don’t, etc. If you are a genuine person, you’ll stop hating them and will understand the truth.

The Truth

The truth that everyone is Hero of their own life. We cannot expect them to be a person we want, they’ll always be a person they want. This is what makes us love them, after the big hatred.

The Tears

We all have cried in college, sometime, someone we don’t know is the reason but sometimes it is because of the person we care the most. We make friends too fast and in this process we expect more from them. When they show their true self and we find a complete different person, it hurts a lot. But the life has to move on. We accept that person and we move forward.

Final Day

Times comes when it is the last day of college. We all act the same as always knowing this could be last when we are together. We forget all the fights, breakups and issues and we accept everyone. We hug them and accept all of their imperfections. This is the moment when you realize the true meaning of your life.

Final Words

Every person you met in college, teaches you something valuable. You won’t believe this during the college but you will on the last day. You’ll know that no matter how bad you were to others, there is still space in their heart to forgive you.

– Kamal Thakur

Written by Kamal Thakur