“Why are you doing Engineering? Why did you choose Engineering rather than anything else ? What is your Future?”.

That was the most asked question in my whole College Life. It’s just not me or Engineering, every other stream of education have the same problem. The Problem of Answering this question. Let me ask you the same question, Why are you doing what you do? 80% of the time we don’t have an answer. We are putting all our efforts, time and money in this, but we don’t know why are we doing this!

We Decide Our Future? Think Again

I remember, when I just started my college life, the first question of the teacher is “Why are you here ?”. The interesting part were the answers. Many of my friends ( Including me ) have a same and straightforward answer, ” because my parents want me to do this”. You know what I am talking about, you know this is true. It shows how wrong we are and how we have been manipulated to do something which we have to live with our entire life even if it’s not what we want. I am not accusing you or your parents for this. It is not their fault; it’s the mindset of our society. Let me dig a little deeper into this.


Our parents are very protective when it comes to our future, but you have to thank them for that. What happens is when your schools are over, parents looks for a little guidance. The source of our parents is none other than our Mighty Relatives. I don’t like any of my relatives to be honest. The problem starts when our parents ask our families for a little help regarding our future. It is the moment when our relatives think that they are much superior because someone asked them. It results in their level of expertise. It is not any expertise, just over-confidence. They believe that what they are doing is further better for you. It is when everything goes wrong. They convince your parents so well that if somehow you want to pursue something else, it automatically got neglected. Because they “KNOW” better.

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Many of my friends are doing Engineering, but they are good at something else. We aren’t able to choose what makes us happy or things we are happy doing all day long. We always end up doing which is more money making. Money is important, it is. But don’t mistake it for your happiness or your Aim of your life. There is no key or a direct approach to solving this, but the thing you can do is, at least, control it. By what I know, the only solution to this is having a better understanding with your parents. Go, sit with them. Tell them what you want to do, what makes you happy. If you have an agreement with your parents, you’ll have what you want.

Final Words

Am not here to judge you or your parents. If you think what I wrote is wrong, go and live like a sheep your entire life. But, if you learned something from it, start controlling your life. It’s your life, only you can control it. If you don’t, you will have no right to blame others for your failure. Till then, believe in yourself.

Written by Kamal Thakur