Do you know what is SEO? Are you a developer? If yes, then you need to know why Developers should know SEO.

One year ago, when I was just a Programmer developing dotNet Websites, all my focus was on the GUI of the Website. I didn’t even knew that GUI of the Website is not responsible for the success rate of the website. I thought, I created a website and my Job is done. But, in 2015 creating just a website is not a big thing. If you have the right resource, you can build an easy website in just 1 hour. So, what we need to do as a developer to get one step ahead of all the other developers? My friends, Answer to this question is here.

Developers should Know SEO with Website Development

SEO, if you are a developer then this term can be new for you or maybe not. It depends upon how much you listen to the Internet Industry. If you are new, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In easy words, its process of getting traffic from natural, free and organic search results on Search Engines. Search Engine is a software designed to search information from the World Wide Web. Google, Bing and Yahoo are the some of the famous Search Engines. Despite the reason SEO is free or cost and anyone can do Search Engine Optimization for his blog or websites. As a developer should know SEO, it is not a bad thing to have knowledge of SEO that can add a star in you Professional resume or Profile. So, in this article am not gonna cover how to build a quick website, for that you can refer to my these articles about website development in WordPress or Blogger. I will cover some basic things about SEO that a developer should know!



A SEO keyword or Phrases are the web content that make it possible other people to find your website via the Search Engine. For example,

  1. You open Google Search and type some words like “best programming website”.
  2. The query you put in the Search Engine first get Categorized.
  3. After being categorized, it is scanned over the documents which are similar to the query.
  4. The final Step, results of that scan are returned to the user.

Now, you have a pretty good idea what a keyword is. If you are creating a website then you want it to be on the top most result on SERP ( Search Engine Result Page ). When I used to teach people Search Engine Optimization ( as am still learning it ) people ask me that they created a post on the website and they did everything right, but there are no signs of their website on the Google Search ( even after 10 pages ). Friends, the Search Engine Doesn’t work that way. It’s not like that you created some content and Google will show it. For that your content should be accurate, your website should be reputed and your content should be optimized with respect to your keywords.

Even if your content or post you’ve made is Optimized according to the Target Keyword, there are still many factors it depends upon, to get on first page. I will not cover those factors here but what am gonna tell you in this is how you can get your post optimized with respect to the keyword.

Right Keywords at Right Places

If you are writing a post on your website, there is a format to follow to make your post SEO friendly. If you follow this, you are doing your job and rest is up to the Google to find you and popularize you.

  1. Put Keywords in URL. The Final URL of you post must contain the Keyword Phrase. It is the most important thing of the SEO.
  2. Use Keyword in the title of your page. It is a good SEO practice to use this.
  3. Use H1 tag in your Post. Don”t use too many. Its better you use only one in the post. Put your Keyword in that Tag.
  4. Put Alt Text in the Images. Image size should be Optimized.

Fresh Content

Avoid the Duplicate content. If you are writing your own content then its good as Google desperately looks for the fresh content. If you are simply copying the whole content from any other website, Google will know it and will give you no Benefit from the SEO.

Meta Description

Meta Description is the small snippet which is shown beneath your link in SERP. It does not affect the SEO much but writing an effective Meta Description can give you good traffic and benefits. What Meta Description does is that it give readers a quick glance of what”s in the website. If the Meta Description is good, the reader can click on your website rather than website above than you in SERP.

Final Words

So these are some important things, that developers should know SEO. I will be coming up with another post on Advance Search Engine Optimization. If you want to know how to start for Blogging you can refer my post. I am not a Pro in SEO, I am still learning. My only objective here is to give a brief explanation and information to the developers about the SEO.

Written by Kamal Thakur