Being an engineer especially mechanical engineer where you are always and every time dealing with the various mechanisms and Physics behind them, having knowledge of programming will make you more efficient and come up with more creative and Effective solutions than your co-workers who lack knowledge of programming. So, mechanical engineers need programming.

Mechanical Engineers Need Programming

www.icodekamal.com/why-mechanical-engineers-need-programming/For instance take an example of my colleague who is currently working on a design, fabrication and control of a UAV as his thesis for award of bachelor’s degree. Now think for a moment that he designs the whole control system and implies it to a prototype aircraft for testing the correctness of the governing set of equations. Even if he achieves his goal imagine how many bucks he has to shed for the same. Here programming comes to rescue, if he has (which he has) the knowledge of coding he would simply go for Matlab/Simulink and test and even simulate his set of equations which would otherwise have cost him a fortune (just exaggerating!! ). So programming not only saves your time and money but also makes you much more efficient at the same time. That is why mechanical engineers need programming.

Now the next phase is that other guys who are still stuck with old pre-existing tools for data acquisition (let’s say!!!) for creating a ground station for that UAV. He who knows programming can create his very own GUI based data acquisition system and put it to any use that he wants acquiring data from sensors, transmitting them to ground station integrating it with some pre-existing data and coming up with a more sophisticated and complex analysis which other fails at achieving. What I want to say here is that coding knows no boundaries and the one who owns this knowledge is good at breaking the barriers that are imposed on you by pre-existing¬Ě tools. Only a programmer knows how to put this PC to use.

See after you guys come out from college, you will come to know that the companies now days hire programmers to get their programming job done take an example of industrial automation, where you might get a job as a mechanical engineer. So knowing how to programming helps you communicate which the programming people which your company hires and at times you can help them in understanding the whole project and even sharing their workload and command their respect. In short you can relate to them though they are professionals and they know their job very well but here you can act as an interface between the mechanical guys in your industry and the programming people your company hired. This will help in solving the technical problems hundred times faster than if you had to tackle those problems alone and also gives you an edge over your colleagues.

Final Words

This was a brief article which might force you to think about why we should learn to code as a mechanical engineer. My next article will be about the various fields of mechanical engineering which excessively require programming knowledge and which language to start with. Till then GODSPEED!!!

Written by Kamal Thakur